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Fonderia Roma was established more than 30 years ago by Angelo Schinaia and his wife Mirella in the historical area of Rome called “Testaccio”, and has since developed, with the introduction of their two sons and daughter, Marco, Massimiliano and Monica into one of Italy’s major lead and fishing sinker suppliers. Manufacturing and distributing worldwide.

The Company from a small family business has now become an industrial one. Customer service, satisfaction and innovation in the lead and sinker fields are at the forefront of our thinking.

Regular participation at the Genova Boat show, gives the possibility to reconfirm existing boating and fishing customers, and to acquire new professional fhishing customers.

The company has now been transfered to Ardea, to the outskirts of Rome. The production plant is roughly 1000sm big, and continuous investments are made to make sure the latest machinary is in use to be able to meet any kind of manufacturing request. Continuous attention is made towards the environment, and to gaining all the necessary authorisations and permits needed.

We produce over 100 models of ballasts for sport and professional fishing. Every model is foreseen with a complete range of grammature.


Zavorra pesca sub


This set of products is used mostly for industrial purpose. We produce lead breads of different shape and weight; lead drawn for artistic glass windows; lead ...


From 1995 our company has invested a lot in the know-how of production and engineering in the field of the PROTECTION TO THE RADIATION, especially in the...


Our machineries enable us to make lead parts for very different needs, even single parts, on clients demands or design by us for specific pourpose.


A CO.M.E.T.A Srl is accredit and we have all authorisations for the recovery of the lead shot in the trapshooting fields. CO.M.E.T.A. Srl can deliver the service...


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