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SPORTENN luminoso light
SPORTENN luminoso light
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2 o 10 pieces Box

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Every box contains 2 or 10 pieces

50 60 70
80 90 100
110 120 130
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These sinkers, great for surfcasting and bottomfishing. were developed to satisfy all those fishermen who use lighted phosphorescent weights. Theri advantage is that the light is produced by a starlight, so the luminescence last longer and is more visible both in casting and in reeling in , compared to any other luminescent sinker.

Their aerodinamic shape allows very long casts and an excellent grip on the bottom.

The semplicity is another of their characteristic: the advanced cone, where it lodges the starlight, is in plastic material but it can be also of lead. Therefore if used with this last one, by day, they are the classics leads “ROCCOTOP” and “SPORTENN”, while of night with the transparent cone they become “light”. Moreover to change grammatura becomes simplest because enough to unscrew the inferior part from the advanced, transparent cone or of lead, and to screw the inferior part of the wished grammatura, without to remove the ballast from the lenza.

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